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21-22 October 2011

Socially Responsible Behavior, Social Capital and Firm Performance.

Università Milano-Bicocca.

  • 21 Ottobre: Edificio U7, Sala del Consiglio della Facoltà di Economia, Via Bicocca degli Arcimboldi 8
  • 22 Ottobre: Edificio U9, Stanza 5, Viale dell'Innovazione 10

The aim of the conference is to investigate the determinants of socially responsible behavior in the economic context. How to encourage norms of reciprocity and cooperation, non self-interested behavior and socially responsible behavior? The topic is analyzed both at a theoretical and, in particular, at an experimental level.
Experimental and behavioral economists widely documented violations of the hypothesis that economic agents are exclusively motivated by the pursue of their material self-interest. Such violations led to a broadened perspective on human preferences and are generally interpreted in terms of trust, reciprocity, fairness, strategic fairness, inequity aversion, altruism, warm glow etc.
Even though the picture is becoming more and more realistic, still many dimensions of the functioning of the economic system remain unexplored and many questions on human motivations and emergence of socially responsible behavior must be investigated more into the depth.
Does a virtuous circle between social capital and corporate social responsibility exist? Does oneness explain coordination? How does ethnic heterogeneity affect cooperation? Are people preferences for different distributive criteria affected by their position and (actual or perceived) payoffs in the society according to such criteria? Does the exposure to incentives in one decision context affect subjects' social preferences? How does participation in different kinds of voluntary associations affect cooperation with members of the same association and non members? How do financial markets and their regulation affect the emergence of socially responsible behavior? Can public policies influence the formation and the change of individual preferences? The conference will explore the previous and other related issues concerning the role of pro-social behavior in affecting socio-economic outputs.
The contributions presented in the conference have been elaborated within the national research project (PRIN) n. 20085BHY5T which involves the University of Roma "Tor Vergata", Milano-Bicocca, Padova and Trento that are also partners of the inter-university centre for economic ethics and corporate social responsibility "EconomEtica".

[Bartolini Sarracino paper]

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[Becchetti Conzo Degli Antoni paper]

[Becchetti Conzo Degli Antoni slides]

[Becchetti et al Allocation criteria slides]

[Becchetti et al. Allocation criteria paper]

[Becchetti et al. Spectators vs stakeholders paper]

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  Viale dell'Innovazione, 10 - Edificio U9 - 20126 Milano Note Legali