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Working Papers
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Libri pubblicati
Altri working paper di membri di EconomEtica

This series collects works of EconomEtica members on the following themes:

  • Welfare and equity criteria for collective choices (State, market and civil society)
  • Other-regarding motives and preferences of economic agents
  • Cognitive function of norms and aspects of bounded rationality that sustain cooperation
  • Regulation and self-regulation of companies, of organizations (public and private), of professions and of other civil society institutions
  • Models of corporate governance with special focus on multi stakeholder approaches
  • Theories and practices of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Alternative organizational forms of corporations (for profit and non for profit)

If you want to publish your work in this collection, send a word or pdf file to Lorenzo Sacconi. Before publication, papers will go through a quick peer review.

WP 77 January2021 Giacomo Degli Antoni and Chiara Franco
The effect of technological behaviour and beliefs on subjective well-being: the role of technological infrastructure
WP 76 November 2019 Plinio Limata
Blockchains' twilight zones. A reasoned literature review for a critical primer
WP 75 August 2019 Lorenzo Sacconi, Francesco Denozza e Alessandra Stabilini
Democratizzare l’economia, promuovere l’autonomia dei lavoratori e l'uguale cittadinanza nel governo dell'impresa: una proposta
WP 74 August 2019 Giacomo Degli Antoni, Marco Faillo
The number but not the variety of nonprofit organizations affects donations: evidence from an experiment
WP 73 August 2019 Virginia Cecchini Manara, Lorenzo Sacconi
Compliance with socially responsible norms of behavior: reputation vs. conformity
WP 72 August 2019 Virginia Cecchini Manara, Lorenzo Sacconi
Governance, Reforms and Crowding out Risk in Italian CCBs
WP 71 August 2019 Virginia Cecchini Manara, Lorenzo Sacconi
Institutions, Frames, and Social Contract Reasoning
WP 70 August 2019 Giacomo Degli Antoni, Marco Faillo
Shared social responsibility and fair worker wages: evidence from an experimental market
WP 69 August 2019 Giacomo Degli Antoni, Magalii Fia, Lorenzo Sacconi
WP 68 August 2019 Carla Facchini, Lorenzo Sacconi, Magalì Fia
La governance delle università italiane dopo la Riforma Gelmini: un’indagine empirica sui processi decisionali
WP 67 May 2018 Pietro Battiston, Simona Gamba, Matteo Rizzolli, Valentina Rotondi
Lies have long legs. Cheating, public scrutiny and loyalty in teams
WP 66 Dec 2017 Leonardo Becchetti, Giacomo Degli Antoni, Stefania Ottone, Nazaria Solferino
SUPPLEMENTARY ONLINE MATERIAL - Performance, luck and equality: An experimental analysis of subjects' preferences for different allocation criteria. Published on the B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy
WP 65 Dec 2017 Roy Cerqueti, Fabio Sabatini, Marco Ventura
Civic capital and support for the welfare state
WP 64 Dec 2017 Fabio Sabatini, Marco Ventura, Eiji Yamamura, Luca Zamparelli
Fairness and the unselfish demand for redistribution by taxpayers and welfare recipients
WP 63 Sept 2017 Marco Faillo, Matteo Rizzolli, Stephan Tontrup
Thou shalt not steal.
Taking aversion with legal property claims
WP 62 February 2017 Riccardo Borgoni, Giacomo Degli Antoni, Marco Faillo, Alessandra Michelangeli
Preferences for living in homogenous communities and cooperation: a new methodological approach combining the hedonic price model and a field experiment
WP 61 January 2017 Silvia Sacchetti, Ermanno Tortia
The notion of social responsibility across different types of nonprofit and for profit organizations
WP 60 Sept. 2016 Giacomo Degli Antoni, Marco Faillo, Pedro Francés-Gómez, Lorenzo Sacconi
Distributive Justice with Production and the Social Contract. An Experimental study
WP 59 July 2016 Silvia Sacchetti, Ermanno Tortia
A needs theory of governance
WP 58 Jan 2016
Marco Faillo, Matteo Rizzolli, Stephan Tontrup
Thou shalt not steal (from hard-working people)
An experiment on respect for property claims.
WP 57 Oct 2014 Giacomo Degli Antoni, Gianluca Grimalda
Groups and trust: Experimental evidence on the Olson and Putnam hypotheses
WP 56 Sept. 2014 Fabio Sabatini, Francesco Sarracino, Eiji Yamamura
Social norms on rent seeking and preferences for redistribution
WP 55 Sept. 2014 Eiji Yamamura, Fabio Sabatini
Superstars in politics: the role of the media in the rise and success of Junichiro Koizumi
WP 54 June 2014 Fabio Sabatini, Francesco Sarracino
Online networks and subjective well-being
WP 53 March 2014 Leonardo Becchetti, Nazaria Solferino, M. Elisabetta Tessitore
Some insights on procrastination: a curse or a productive art?
WP 52 March 2014 Ermanno Tortia, Martha Knox Haly, Anthony Jensen
FROM THE NEOLIBERAL TO THE PARTICIPATORY FIRM. A comparative study of the institutional context for employee participation in organisational governance in Australia and Italy
Do we need to worry if people bowl alone? Results from a field experiment with voluntary association members
WP 50 October 2013 Giacomo Degli Antoni
Workers' propensity to cooperate with colleagues and the general population: a comparison based on a field experiment
WP 49 April 2013 Leonardo Becchetti, Luisa Corrado, Pierluigi Conzo
Sociability, Altruism and Subjective Well-Being
WP 48 March 2013

Giacomo Degli Antoni, Fabio Sabatini
Disentangling the relationship between nonprofit and social capital: the role of social cooperatives and social welfare associations in the development of networks of strong and weak ties

WP 47 March 2013 Leonardo Becchetti, Massimo Ferrari, Ugo Trenta
The impact of the French Tobin tax
WP 46 Feb 2013 Marina Albanese, Cecilia Navarra, Ermanno Tortia
Employer moral hazard and wage rigidity. The case of worker-owned and investor-owned firms
WP 45 Jan 2013 Lorenzo Sacconi
Il modello di impresa all'origine della crisi, e l'alternativa dell'impresa socialmente responsabile
WP 44 Nov 2012 Leonardo Becchetti, Luisa Corrado, Paola Samà
Inside the Life Satisfaction Blackbox
WP 43 July 2012 Leonardo Becchetti, Stefano Castriota, Pierluigi Conzo
Bank strategies in catastrophe settings: empirical evidence and policy suggestions
WP 42 July 2012 Pedro Francés-Gómez, Lorenzo Sacconi, Marco Faillo
Behavioral Business Ethics as a Method for Normative Business Ethics
WP 41 July 2012 Lorenzo Sacconi
Ethics, Economic Organisation and the Social Contract
WP 40 July 2012 Leonardo Becchetti, Nicola Ciampoli
What is new in the finance-growth nexus: OTC derivatives, bank assets and growth
WP 39 - June 2012 Lorenzo Sacconi
The Economics of Corporate Social Responsibility
WP 38 - June 2012 Lorenzo Sacconi
Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance
WP 37 - June 2012 Giacomo Degli Antoni, Gianluca Grimalda
The value of real voluntary associations
WP 36 - Apr 2012 Silvia Sacchetti
Inclusive and Exclusive Social Preferences: A Deweyan Framework to Explain Governance Heterogeneity
WP 35 - Feb 2012 Leonardo  Becchetti, Fabio Pisani
Family money, relational life and (class) relative wealth:an empirical analysis on life satisfaction of secondary school students
WP 34 - Dec 2011 Leonardo  Becchetti, Fabio Pisani
Financial education on secondary school students: the randomized experiment revisited
WP 33 - Nov 2011 Leonardo  Becchetti
Voting with the Wallet
WP 32 - Oct 2011 -Revised Leonardo  Becchetti, Giacomo  Degli  Antoni, Stefania  Ottone, Nazaria  Solferino
Allocation criteria under task performance: the gendered preference for protection
WP 31 - Oct 2011 - Revised Leonardo  Becchetti, Giacomo  Degli  Antoni, Stefania  Ottone, Nazaria  Solferino
Spectators versus stakeholders with/without information: the difference it makes for justice
WP 30 - June 2011 Leonardo Becchetti, Pierluigi Conzo, Giacomo Degli Antoni
Public disclosure of players? conduct and Common Resources Harvesting: Experimental Evidence from a Nairobi Slum
WP 29 - June 2011 Leonardo Becchetti, Stefano Castriota, Pierluigi Conzo
Social capital dynamics and collective action: the role of subjective satisfaction
WP 28 - May 2011 Giacomo Degli Antoni e Lorenzo Sacconi
Does a virtuous circle between social capital and CSR exist?
A "network of games" model and some empirical evidence
WP 27 - March 2011 Lorenzo Sacconi
From individual responsibility to 'shared' social responsibilities: concepts for a new paradigm
WP 26 - March 2011 Lorenzo Sacconi
Multi-stakeholder governance for effectively sharing social responsibility 1 (social contracts, deliberative democracy and endogenous conformity)
WP 25 - Dec. 2010 Leonardo Becchetti, Stefano Castriota, Elena Giachin
Beyond the Joneses: inter- country income comparisons and happiness
WP 24 August 2010 Lorenzo Sacconi
A Rawlsian View of CSR and the Game Theory of its Implementation (III): Conformism, Equilibrium Refinement and Selection
WP 23 August2010 Lorenzo Sacconi
A Rawlsian View of CSR and the Game Theory of its Implementation (Part II): Fairness and Equilibrium
WP 22 August 2010

Lorenzo Sacconi
A Rawlsian View of CSR and the Game Theory of its Implementation (Part I): the Multistakeholder Model of Corporate Governance

WP 21 July 2010

Silvia Sacchetti e Ermanno C. Tortia
New Framework for the Economic Analysis of Cooperative Firms: Self-Defined Rules, Common Resources, Motivations, and Incentives

WP 20 July 2010

Leonardo Becchetti e Alessandra Pelloni
What are we learning from the life satisfaction literature?

WP 19 March 2010(Revised version August 2010)

Giacomo Degli Antoni e Lorenzo Sacconi
Modeling Cognitive Social Capital and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as Preconditions for Sustainable Networks of Relations

WP 18 March 2010 Leonardo Becchetti, Giacomo Degli Antoni, Marco Faillo
Social Distance, Cooperation and Other Regarding Preferences: A New Approach Based on the Theory of Relational Goods
WP17 November 2009 Leonardo Becchetti Pierluigi Conzo
Creditworthiness as a signal of trustworthiness: field experiment in microfinance and consequences on causality in impact studies
WP16 November 2009 Leonardo Becchetti Stefano Castriota Ermanno Tortia
Productivity, wages and intrinsic motivation in social enterprises
WP15 November 2009

Leonardo Becchetti, Giacomo Degli Antoni, Marco FailloCommon reason to believe and framing effect in the team reasoning theory: an experimental approach

WP14 October 2009 Giacomo degli Antoni
Getting a Job through Voluntary Associations: the Role of Network and Human Capital Creation
WP13 September 2009

Leonardo Becchetti and Giacomo degli Antoni
The Sources of Happiness: Evidence from the Investment Game

WP12 September 2009

Leonardo Becchetti Elena Giachin Ricca and Alessandra Pelloni
Children, happiness and taxation

WP11 August 2009

Leonardo Becchetti and Sara Savastano
The money-happiness relationship in transition countries: evidence from Albania

WP10 July 2009

Leonardo Becchetti, Pierluigi Conzo and Fabio Pisani
Virtuous interactions in removing exclusion: the link between foreign market access and access to education.

WP09 March 2009

Leonardo Becchetti, Giacomo Degli Antoni, Marco Faillo
Shedding Light into Preference Heterogeneity: Why Players of Traveller’s Dilemma Depart from Individual Rationality?

WP08 March 2009

Antonio Nicita, Matteo Rizzolli
The Case for Virtual Strike.An Appraisal of the Italian Proposal

WP07 February 2009

Leonardo Becchetti, Elena Giachin Ricca, Alessandra Pelloni
The 60es turnaround as a test on the causal relationship between sociability and happiness

WP06 January 2009 Giacomo Degli Antoni
Motivations to volunteer and social capital: the role of intrinsic motivations in promoting networks of cooperative relations
WP05 January 2009 Leonardo Becchetti, Pierluigi Conzo, Giuseppina Gianfreda
Market access, organic farming and productivity: the determinants of creation of economic value on a sample of Fair Trade affiliated Thai farmer
WP04 January 2009

Lorenzo Sacconi
Il bilancio sociale nel settore pubblico. Esame critico degli standard e linee innovative per le Regioni e gli Enti di governo decentrati

WP03 January 2009

Giacomo Degli Antoni and Elisa Portale
The effect of corporate social responsibility on social capital creation: an empirical study on participation in social cooperatives

WP02 July 2008

Marco Faillo, Stefania Ottone an Lorenzo Sacconi
Compliance by believing: an experimental exploration on social norms and impartial agreements

WP01 March 2008 Lorenzo Sacconi and Giacomo Degli Antoni
A theoretical analysis of the relationship between social capital and corporate social responsibility: concepts and definitions

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